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Despite improving market conditions, the global economy in general is still struggling to gain momentum for a strong and sustained recovery, and the capital markets worldwide continue to be very challenging and increasingly volatile. Given that background, Cedrus Investments knows that investors and corporations alike are in need of a trusted partner to help them navigate through this chaotic environment and beyond. As a private, global boutique investment firm, Cedrus’ focus is on meeting its clients’ expectations and needs, not serving the interests of shareholders as a public company. We are agile and able to adapt quickly to changing market dynamics. Moreover, we are entrepreneurial and motivated to develop new approaches and products that help clients achieve their investment goals. We know that being innovative in the investment services business requires a keen awareness of market dynamics, resilience and a long-term commitment. We believe that the strategic moves Cedrus has made and our continued conviction about the prospects of market sectors are not always popular, but our willingness to do things differently than competition demonstrates the firm’s courage and determination as well as its commitment to clients.

The global economy is undergoing profound and intricate changes, newly emerging and developing economies have become the major forces pushing forward the world’s economic development. Over the past couple of years, Cedrus has successfully expanded into Asia, opening offices in Hong Kong, Beijing and Jakarta, and building talented local teams. Cedrus’ move to focus on the East and other regions of high growth is an important element of our long-term strategy to best position ourselves and our clients for the ever changing world dynamics.

Facilitating business and capital flows among various regions in the globe is a core competency of Cedrus. For over a decade, Cedrus has successfully conducted cross-border transactions between developed and emerging countries. Increasingly, we see ample of opportunities fueling the growth of emerging markets, including the world’s two fastest-growing continents, Africa and Asia, especially the Greater China region. Cedrus’ approach is always stemmed from the notion of creating a win-win situation from which all participants benefit.

Foreseeing the huge potential inherent in Africa, Cedrus Investments is now forming partnerships and launching operations in select emerging markets in the continent as well as working closely with local governments and business partners. Our intention is to bring unique value to local investors and offer our clients around the globe access to investment opportunities that capitalize on the rapid growth in the dynamic Asia and Africa and act as a bridge to fill the regional gaps. We look forward to announcing new partnerships and initiatives in the future and continuously introducing new investment products and services that will enable our clients to gain competitive advantages and benefit financially.

Finally, I would like to thank all our valued clients for their business. We are committed to meeting your investment needs and ensuring your satisfaction for years to come.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact us at your convenience.

Yours sincerely,

Rani Jarkas


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